I haven’t been missing. I consider it more like being lost. My laptop has been subjugated to the corner of my bedroom collecting a veil of dust, only to be opened and used for the updating of music on my iPod. The desire to write, even in my personal diary, was misplaced somewhere in the past few months.

Sometimes I sit and consider what it is I’m supposed to learn from a certain situation or a…

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Spring Boobday

So, this week Boobday is running one day behind schedule. But who the hell cares as long as you get to see beautiful busts?

This week Hy’s theme is Spring. Now those who live in or around New York know that Spring season has been slow to arrive. We go from beautiful 64 degree weather to torrential freezing rain in a matter of hours. For the past two days it has been raining, and today is foggy…

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Train of Thought: Weekend Edition

Train of Thought: Weekend Edition

  • I’m listening to a song Henri and I fucked to earlier.
  • Such a good quickie. Damn. I missed those.
  • Last night I gave Henri his first blow job in our brand new car, parked near an overhead highway. Surprisingly uncomfortable for me, but such a turn on to see him enjoy it.
  • We drove around, almost aimlessly and it wasn’t bad. Afterward, we went to meet up with someone I’ve been talking to.
  • It was…

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Boobday: Before and After

#Boobday: Before and After

Today’s Boobday prompt stumped me. I’m in a position where I can’t have sex this week, so a titty shot taken before and after coitus was out of the question.

Before and after a shower? Ehh. I wasn’t into that option. And then on Twitter someone  mentioned covered/uncovered. And eureka!

I chose two images from the my last meeting with Sir Dre. I usually take a photo on the day we are going to…

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“Patience is passion tamed.”

#SinfulSunday: “Patience is passion tamed.”

I’ve had some troubles finding a no strings attached/friends-with-benefits situation.

And now, I think I have found someone who fits the bill.

But making time to see each other is almost close to impossible.

However, we met up at 2 o’clock, Saturday morning, and witness the burning of a new star through the blue hue of dusk after a night of rampant conversation. It was the most fun I’ve had in a…

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The Perfect Drug (2)

The Perfect Drug (2)

“Hey you,” she opened the door and stepped through an erotic wormhole. Where only moments ago she was submerged in dark light and rancid thoughts, here emerged a merciless sexual predator, whitened teeth ready for the first taste of his skin. But she had to keep her claws retracted, at least for now.

“Hey.” His eyes were cast down to her bare feet, and slowly trailed up wards as the door widened.…

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Morning View

How our body parts say good morning to each other,
Once my beloved has finally chosen to open his eyes.




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I’m soft

I’m soft

Yes, I am.
I have curves, ranging from the mounds of my breast to the Everest of my thighs. 
It took so long, and still is, to love the softness of my body. 
But, as challenging as it is, I won’t stop until I see the beauty in every centimeter of my skin. 
The uniqueness of a scar. The exact coordinates of every tiny dark mole. 
I am soft, and squishy. Slippery when wet.
If your hands are cold, slip…

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Play with your food

Play with your food

We need food for everyday survival. But how about using it for fun every once in a while? Food and sex for me go hand in hand, because I need both of them to survive. So why not combine them every now and then?

I’ve used donuts, chocolate, ice cream–I’ve even had Henri’s dick in my cereal! Having normal vanilla sex? Add some vanilla ice cream and Bam!!! Kinky shit will ensue.


There is something…

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A Different View

When life gives you a different view
Take off your glasses (if you wear a pair).
Squint your eyes until they water.
Distort your vision and paint a portrait.
Move your head, from left to right,
Spin upside down, tilt your head
Until it hurts.
Put glasses on (if you don’t wear a pair)
And do the same.
When you feel that you have seen every angle
And have felt every possible emotion
That this one…

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