TMI Tuesday: What’s in your car?

TMI Tuesday: What’s in your car?

Something to break up the non-sex that’s been going on around here…


1. What CD is in your Cd player?
No cd player, we use our iPods a lot and we have Sirius XM radio.

2. Turn on your car radio, what station is it tuned to?
Sirius XM radio channel Octane

3. What is in your glove box?
The car manual, insurance card, napkins, and a tiny bottle of perfume for me.

4. Are there any stickers on your…

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A nomination plea

I don’t write for the intake of visitors or traffic on my site. I mean, it would be great, but that’s not my reason for writing.

In my life I have been neglected, hurt, depressed, happy, intense, mean, jealous, gay, straight, curvy, upside down and inside out. Most of that happened in this year alone. As normal as these emotions are, I have realized that finding someone who writes about it for…

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They Don’t Know You

They Don’t Know You

The memories, these feelings I can no longer abate
As I jot these words down with a flourish of hate.

People sing your praises, honestly far-flung
You are selfish and borderline cruel; should I go on?
Deceitful, you have twisted lies and lives
To ensure that only your breed survives.

Your love is a plague that darkens the hope,
Feeds the ravenous flames and chokes the smoke.
A kindness is to leave…

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Squishy Boobday

598402_627171043983882_256171083_nPeople do the oddest things when they are restless, alone or lost in thought. Some nibble on their fingernails, twirl their hair, doodle on a scrap of paper. I touch my boobs.

They are really soft, and I’ll find myself idly petting them on top, the cleavage part occasionally exposed at the top of a v-neck t-shirt. There are lines etched into them, marks of growth throughout the years, and my…

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Come Round Soon

I haven’t met someone like you in what seems like a very long time. We followed each other on social media for almost two years, merely existing between posts and clicking ‘like’ under photos. I knew you were in my city; so close to me in fact, we may have crossed paths many times and not have known it. But I said nothing, mostly because I thought I’m not his type. He’s not my type; not what I’m…

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Something old, something new (Part 2)

Something old, something new (Part 2)

I wasn’t sure what to say. This wasn’t really happening, was it?

It’s as if the entry Paul read had altered reality, Kevin came right off the pages of my fantasy. There was more to that entry Paul didn’t read; details of some dreams I had carelessly written down, naively thinking that they would never be known. I was wrong, but now I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing.

I couldn’t see beyond the…

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Something old, something new

Something old, something new

She looked in the mirror and gasped.

I look beautiful. 

This day had finally come. After all the years spent fighting for what they hoped could only end in happiness, their day had arrived. Before the people they loved, Heaven, Earth, God, and all the elements, they will become joined by heart and love. This was the happiest day of her life., and she absolutely looked the part.

The hair stylist…

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Monotony makes a return

Monotony makes a return

I’m not sure if this is a natural recurrence in the marital world. Or perhaps I naively thought that once we had gone through it we wouldn’t go through it again, at least not as bad as before. I was obviously wrong, because we are currently going through a case of monotony in our marital sex life again. However, the circumstances of how it began are a little different.

I began this blog in 2010,…

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I haven’t been missing. I consider it more like being lost. My laptop has been subjugated to the corner of my bedroom collecting a veil of dust, only to be opened and used for the updating of music on my iPod. The desire to write, even in my personal diary, was misplaced somewhere in the past few months.

Sometimes I sit and consider what it is I’m supposed to learn from a certain situation or a…

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Spring Boobday

So, this week Boobday is running one day behind schedule. But who the hell cares as long as you get to see beautiful busts?

This week Hy’s theme is Spring. Now those who live in or around New York know that Spring season has been slow to arrive. We go from beautiful 64 degree weather to torrential freezing rain in a matter of hours. For the past two days it has been raining, and today is foggy…

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